The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Recap

The-Vampire-Diaries-Season-5-Promotional-Poster-the-vampire-diaries-tv-show-35533353-489-647On Thursday the CW premiered the season finale of The Vampire Diaries with many heartbreaking and shocking conclusions to the fifth season of the hit CW show. The episode ended with Bonnie and Damon trapped on the other side as it collapses and engulfs all supernatural beings within it.


I know many fans are of the opinion that TVD’s fifth season didn’t exactly live up to its expectations and they are not far from the truth. TVD plotlines slightly declined in season 4, but nevertheless the season managed just fine with Elena’s transformation to a vampire where she finally confronts her feelings for Damon.

But a great many deal of things went wrong with the fifth season. First and foremost, the sudden absence of the originals on the show, who had until now formed a significant proportion of the cast, didn’t go down too well with the fans. Secondly, The Doppelganger drama? Been there, done that. Thirdly, there was no singular running theme in the entire season. Initially it was all about Silas and then the Augustine virus travesty to Katherine posessing Elena and finally the Travellers.These different episodes didn’t seem to connect that well to give a panoramic conclusion and a lot of it ended up been looked upon as unnecessary. And Fourthly, there was barely any character development. So many characters didn’t have a decent storyline and that amazing talent that all the TVD actors have been endowed with, was wasted.


However since it is the The Vampire Diaries, even if it hits rock bottom, it can never really be truly bad. So, I’m going to examine the good and bad aspects to every character and his or her storyline in the fifth season.

The season started off with a happy, completely-in-love-with-Damon, Elena for the first time. It was refreshing to see Elena come to terms with her being a vampire and frankly, I think she was less whiny this season.

Tumblr_n09orvCw8m1shwroso1_500Damon, Im guessing, prayed really hard for a drinking buddy which is why he now has two of them with the return of Alaric Saltzman. Damon Salvatore is a very complicated character. He’s unpredictable so you never really know what he’s going to do. I love that he was deeply upset himself over Bonnie’s death and did everything in his power to bring her back. Then the writers conjured up the Augustine ghost from his past, but somehow the storyline didn’t seem to fit that well. He never told Stefan or Elena about it. He, apparently, managed to sneak out and kill Aaron’s aunt without Elena knowledge and it seems out of place that Elena would never bring it up again. The writers never told us what really happened there.

5x16-Delena-damon-and-elena-36823127-500-286Damon broke up with Elena, then got back with Elena, got dumped by Katherine-impersonating-Elena, got back with Elena, broke up with Elena, then slept with Elena, but then broke up again and then sorta got back with Elena in the end. I kinda lost count somewhere. Anyways, its been a hell of a ride for Delena. Julie Plec did a fantastic job with my OTP and that right there is why Delena will be endgame. They fought and confronted each other like a regular couple and voiced the problems inherent in Delena themselves. Badass all the way. They broke up and then broke the bed.

We were also introduced to Enzo with the British accent. I quite liked that guy. He may have initially come across as the antagonist, but he never once gave up on Damon. Really liked Michael Malarkey. And he had a thing for Caroline.


Now thats a fine addition to the TVD cast

Damon also tried very hard to save his brother and on-and-off girlfriend from the travellers.

And then Damon died.


Right in the feels!

But he’ll come back to life. Im positive. That will also opens up a lot of brother bonding for next season.


Stefan dealt with his PTSD problem and his evil doppelganger. I loved the stark contrast between Silas and Stefan. I loved that sassy Silas and that cute lil shit by the name of Tom Avery. Thumbs up to Paul Wesley.

We got a little taste of Stelena here and there and oh! Steferine. That was a billion times hotter and better than Stelena. Stefan always made Katherine a better person.



The party don’t start till I walk in.

Which brings us to the one and only, Katherine Pierce or Katerina Petrova. Theres no way anybody cannot love this selfish manipulative conniving con artist. Katherine has always been a psychotic vampire and not given two hoots about another soul other than Stefan Salvatore, the only person she ever cared for. Maybe it was the doppelganger curse. I absolutely loved that in the end, it was her motherly side which led to her death. Katherine Pierce died a noble death, caring for her daughter, the ultimate way to redeem her character in the minds of the viewers even though she was dragged to a supposed “hell”. However, Katherine Pierce does not go gentle. She reminded us and everyone exactly how pivotal her character really was, how everything starts with Katerina Petrova.


Bitches, there would be no TVD if it weren’t for me

I am also forever impressed by Nina Dobrev’s acting. One of the most beautiful women in the world and on top of that she’s a brilliant actress.


Look at the adorable way he looks at her. And Candice is so pretty.

Caroline Forbes went from being the most hated character in season 1 to the most endearing girl on TVD. Caroline’s romantic affinities were quite ambiguous this season. First there was Tyler, who walked out on her. And then we had a spontaneous impromptu Klaroline moment. Whilst Im happy that Klaroline happened, I’d have preferred more TVD-Originals crossovers. It felt like the writers were deliberately trying to shove some Klaus-and-Caroline in a 2 minute window. I definitely hope that wasn’t the end of Klaroline, because that is endgame. I don’t want Caroline with anyone else.

Then there was a slight allusion to Enzo and Caroline which was nice too.


And finally, we may be looking at some romantic prospects between Caroline and Stefan. Im neither repulsed nor ecstatic about this development. I just maintain that Klaroline should be endgame.


Klaroline For The Win!

tumblr_mwncyl6K4X1rpmxt1o2_250If there was anybody I thought genuinely matured this season it was Bonnie Sheila Bennett. I have never liked Bonnie. She was always so critical about vampires and was never given a decent storyline. But this season Bonnie cut off her locks for a sexy haircut and got together with Jeremy. Maybe dying and coming back to life took away some of the cynicism. Plus gotta love Kat Graham with this new hairdo. She’s so pretty.

I don’t know what the hell Jeremy Gilbert was doing this year. He walked in on Damon and Elena a lot and cried about Bonnie till he got her back, treated her like shit for a while and ultimately cried when he realized he was losing her again. The potential chemistry between Bonnie and Jeremy is yet to be exploited. And wait a minute! Didn’t Jeremy have to go to school this year?


Complete waste of Steven R. McQueen. The guy has so much potential.


We don’t serve any real purpose.

Everybody this is Matt Donovan. Matty blue eyes. Remember him? This year (like every year) he cleaned tables at the grill after a mindblowing vacation with Rebekah. Actually, I can’t recall what he or Tyler Lockwood really were doing for a majority of the season. I know Tyler gave a lot of grief to Caroline for sleeping with Klaus (and rightly so, I mean Klaus did kill his mother) and then he just hung around in Mystic Falls because its such a safe and lovely place. Two actors and characters with great potential wasted again. I miss the days when everyone was involved and actively contributed to the plot.

Which brings us to Markos, the leader of the Travellers. To say that he was the complete antithesis of a spine-chilling villain is an understatement. There was a time when just the mention of Klaus’ name would send a chill running down our spines. When everybody would tense up the moment Klaus or Elijah walked into the room. That was clearly missing this season.


Now thats what you call a villain

All in all, it was a good season, but not TVD’s best. The writers need to work on some characters and storylines.

The Maze Runner Trailer

I’ve been meaning to post a link to this trailer for quite some time now. I finished Maze Runner by James Dashner more than a year back and was exceptionally curious as to how the book would be adapted into a movie. Especially the Grievers. Because I pictured a dinosaur-ish creatures. But I’ve got to say the maze looks exactly the way I’d pictured it to be. And I’ll definitely be picking up Scorch Trials, the sequel to Maze Runner, very soon.

And oh, Bonus! Dylan O’Brien as Thomas. I mean just look at that fine male specimen.

Dylan O'Brien

The Love Of My Life: An Appraisal

He’s So Fine: The Daily Post Prompt

What was it that drew me to the love of my life?

Was it his eyes?

Those eyes!

Those eyes!

Or perhaps his cooking?


Actually, more like his ability to butcher tomatoes.

His modesty?

“I dislike the size and shape of my head. I’ve been likened to Sid the sloth from Ice Age… I have a long face, retroussé and have been known to be quite camp… I know I don’t fit into some archetype.”


Definitely his hair.


Oh, that hair ruffle.

I know his names a wee bit ridiculous.


“It sounds like a fart in a bath.”

Do you know that he works really hard to make a grand total of 3 episodes of Sherlock every two years?


Oh, We are made for each other.


Sorry, I couldn’t procure a picture of the two of us together.


Prodigy by Marie Lu – A Book Review

Author: Marie Lu

First in the Series: Legend

Genre: YA Dystopian Fiction

Prodigy on Goodreads



Warning: This review May contain spoilers for those who haven’t read the first book, Legend.

Plot: After helping Day escape from the execution, June is now the Republics most wanted traitor. Day, who has lost his mother and his elder brother John, is now desperately trying to get Eden back from the clutches of the Republic. Injured and anguished, they turn to the Patriots while chaos ensues in the Republic. Love and Loyalties are tested in this epic sequel to Legend.

I am so happy that I pre ordered Champion, the sequel to Prodigy, because it would have been agonizing to wait for it for a week.


In fifteen word or less: Prodigy does not let down Legend. It delivers much more than it promises.

Finally. It feels like its been forever since I read a good sequel to an equally good first book in the series. Matched, Delirium none of them managed to live up to the expectations in the second book quite like Legend. I am ecstatic to say that Prodigy does not disappoint. At all. Au contraire, Prodigy carries the story forward with explosive twists and cliffhangers. If you think that the sequels will be somewhat of a Hunger-Games rip-off, you’re sadly mistaken. Prodigy has something different to offer, with conspiracies, adversaries and suspicion full to the brim.

Another unparalleled aspect in Prodigy is how Marie Lu has addressed June and Day’s relationship without making it cheesy or oversentimental. Its not easy for Day to completely forget what June has done or for June to leave all her luxurious comforts behind. They do trust and love each other, but their relationship isn’t completely devoid of suspicion and guilt.

The Jay Ship

The Jay Ship

Also, Marie Lu has this incredible ability to make me shout at the characters.

Another praiseworthy aspect is how sibling relationships have been portrayed. June’s love for Metias and more importantly, Day’s concern for Eden. I have read so many books that attempt at establishing a unique association with other characters but in the end it gives a very fake and pretentious impression. Prodigy on the other hand genuinely strikes a chord with the reader with the characters feelings. Apart from the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series, Prodigy is the only other book that manages to recreate a unique type of love for parents, siblings, friends and family.

Marie Lu also corrects a mistake that she made in Legend: June and Day’s perspectives, unlike Legend, are now distinct. Day is sarcastic while June is more thoughtful.

The only problem was that there were a few chapters right in the beginning from Day’s point-of-view that were too action-packed. Of course Prodigy is meant to be a fast paced book, but action like “jumping over a wall” doesn’t really transcribe into books the way it translates into a movie. But thats a very minor problem.

Overall Prodigy is one of the very few dystopian books that do not disappoint. And I highly recommend this book to those who have read and enjoyed the Hunger Games. I would have said that the book left me satisfied, but the Climax!!

The Climax!!

The Climax!!

Marie Lu stop messing with my feels.

Legend By Marie Lu – A Book Review

Marie-lu-legendSet against the backdrop of a futuristic dystopian Republic in the Western United States, Legend is the story of June and Day. Fifteen year old June, born into one of the wealthiest families, is the Republic’s prodigy. Born into one of the poverty-stricken sectors of the Republic, Day is a notorious criminal. 

However, when June’s brother Metias is killed, June sets out to bring her brother’s killer to book and thus crosses paths with Day, who is desperately trying to fight for his family’s survival. Amidst plagues, unfaithful friends and adversaries, June uncovers the truth – truth that could destroy the very foundations of her Republic.

I have to admit, Im a sucker for Young Adult Dystopian books. But biases aside, Legend lived up to every expectation I had. Action? Check. Romantic subplot? Check. Cliffhangers? Check. This is definitely the book to read if you enjoyed The Hunger Games and Divergent.

Marie Lu has delivered all the ingredients in just the right amount to her readers. Alternating between June and Day’s perspectives, Legend juxtaposes two different point-of-views with several twists. With feisty characters and dramatic cliffhangers emerges an explosive and action-packed plot with captivating twists and turns. Despite mutual suspicions, June and Day are drawn towards each other and we find ourselves rooting for this ship already.


The only time when I faced a problem with this book was when Day was described having “unruly, long white blond hair” that “hangs over his shoulders”. Not to sound prejudiced or anything, but for some surreal reason, every time I tried to picture Day that way, Lucius Malfoy popped into my head.


Excuse me? Am I not pretty?

So I decided to picture Day with short black hair. Other than that and the fact that authors love to mess with our feels by just killing off characters (“a necessary evil” as they put it), Legend is definitely worth a read. I will definitely be picking up its sequel, Prodigy.

Im Back!

I would sincerely like to apologize for my incessantly long absence. The culprit being school, its is to be blamed. However, I (once again) promise to rebound with a lot of HP posts, head cannons, hunger games stuff and some ‘Secrets Of The Smitten Stories‘. A Divergent spam is also headed your way (If you haven’t read it yet, I strongly suggest you pick up a copy of it – Divergent by Veronica Roth). And of course   Catching Fire‘s trailer is less than a month away! I’ve also been trying to coax some ‘Teenage love stories’ out of my friends. They’re reluctance in letting go of their secrets is taxing. I mean, I only wish to add a little drama to their stories, change their names and give my readers a refreshing love story, something that will send butterflies in their stomachs. In fact one of my friends is still infuriated with me for spilling out her secret. Remember the stapler incident? Pfft. Anyways, Im back! Even though I have school, and its the twelfth grade, I ,sure as hell, am going to take some time out for my blog!

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